The Long Trail That Leads To Nowhere (EP)

by Alec Morgan

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" The Long Trail That Leads Nowhere is essentially the opposite of what the albums title infers. The listen of this album is a trail that can take you to Highway 61, Strawberry Fields, and to that Stairway to Heaven. The Long Trail That Leads Nowhere isn't a trail to some rehashed and cliche sound, it is a trail that leads you to where every other artist has wanted to take you with their music." -


released June 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Alec Morgan Maryland

Songwriter home recording wizard guy

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Track Name: You Don't Bark
He'll sit near me waiting for the weekend that we go
I'll gather my clothes don't have to wear seat belts anymore

Such a simple thing to do
Will the answers come unglued
and he will catch the ball
Like a shadow on the wall

I'll fix your leash so that you can run free but not too far
You'll rip my clothes so I know that you're here but you don't bark

Something I could give to you
Only if you want me to
But now is not the time
There's never a better time
Track Name: We Own The World (Today & Tomorrow)
You can't control yourself
You had another one then it's done
You can't control yourself
It's not the same as when you were young
The visions so intense
The visions so intense you'll hardly know
You'll never know yourself
Out your back door is only where you'll go

We own the world
So pick up the sorrow and throw it out
We own the world
Today and tomorrow we'll figure it out

You went across the world
You met a girl with flowers in her hair
She told you everything
She told you everything and left you there
You settle down for now
You settle down enough to leave her there
You leave your home for now
You left your home and now you have nowhere
Track Name: Dove Song
Stairway to heaven or Stairway to hell
You've made your decision your body repels
and no one can tell you're alone
You're questioning faith that you thought wasn't there
Trapped in a locket a lock of your hair
and no room for thoughts anymore

If I was a dove I'd fly free from this cage
and stop the whole world from spinning for a day
If people can die in the same place that children play
Then what are the chances I mean anything I say

Your thoughts have potential your mind isn't empty
so why does it feel like you're not what you can be
I know that you can so I cry
There's still many things that I wish I could tell you
but I can't tell myself so i dont see the value of running my mouth
and my mind

If I was a bird I'd lay a thousand eggs
In a nest that I built out of my broken legs
If I had a heart I'd use it every day
Until it was broken repair I couldn't pay
Track Name: Nosferatu
Don't look back
Don't think about all the things you had
and don't feel bad
It's my understanding that you're mad

You can't stop the rain like you can't
stop the city people from showing up at his gate

Realize the truth has failed you once again so you give up
and realize the lies you're holding onto really aren't enough

Another land
and all the blessings you can hold in your hand
A backwards plan
is what it takes to be scared again
An outstretched hand
a black coat and no other men
And you're locked in
will you ever see the day again

You can't stop the rain like you can't
stop the city people from showing up at his gate

Realize that he has got you in his reach so you give up
and realize the crucifix around your neck is not enough
Track Name: Deepest Ocean
Oh emotion, oh emotion
Where have you gone
Sunk beneath the deepest ocean beneath the sun
Now my time is running empty
and my life is almost done
Should I listen to my voice or should I run

I've tried so many times I don't know where to begin
I've questioned everything that once came from within
It's hopeless when you feel like nothing is sin
I don't know where I can go, so I'll start again

Sincere notions, Sincere notions
Where have you gone
Dead and frozen beneath the creek where you belong
Now my time is running empty
though my life has just begun
It's easy to feel this when you're on your own