Fawn and Rabbit (EP)

by Alec Morgan



released August 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Alec Morgan Maryland

Songwriter home recording wizard guy

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Track Name: Electric Symphony
She comes slowly through the frame of the door
Listen closely for the words you will know
Paint all walls to remind you of the two
Sleep then pause to find the feeling soon
Living in a forrest I cannot endure it without other creatures with me
and its hard to be on your own you see and I long to be
Crossing broken bridges to find out where my kin is
trying not to fall in the sea
and I can't pretend I dont give a damn that you're close but far
and you're still my friend
Well well well I'm a rabbit isolated but not alone
And you my friend are shy but you carry all the knowledge you can hold
And I am not scared of a cut or a tear
but I'm terrified that you might disappear and leave me to grow alone
Living in a city I can not endure it the people end up dead in the streets
If the wind could blow every single boat
it could lift the weight that is in my throat
My body is lazy but my mind still
Will try to portray me if I can't tell
Who my real friends are and I need them here
Living in a forrest I can not ensure that you will always be here with me
But we'll find a way to our fates someday
and we'll play the songs we were born to play
Walk with me and I'll show you everything that I know
Most of it I learned from you but I can teach you lessons too
and you found out first hand
Way beyond your mind
theres a place that we'll never know a place that we can not be
Take your time
Cuz I'm gonna get to you if you must confide in me
You can make me sigh like things will never be okay again
But when you make us laugh I can tell you that you're my best friend